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Know more about Jenny Lee


Allow us to introduce to our colleague Jenny Lee, a remarkable individual with an extraordinary journey spanning different continents and industries. Born in Taiwan and raised in the Philippines, Jenny started her profesional career over 30 years ago that led her to Europe, where she has thrived both personally and professionally.

Jenny’s voyage began in the Netherlands, where she was active in a computer hardware company, gaining valuable experience in the technology sector. In 1994 she moved to Barcelona, Spain. Her passion for continuous learning then guided her toward the field of Chemistry, and since 2015 she joined Rebain International as a sales manager.

Jenny has established herself as an expert of certain chemical products that she works with. Her fluency in Mandarin, English, Tagalog and Spanish help her to be an all-round and open person easy to communicate with and has built up a strong relationship with her customers and suppliers.

Currently she is venturing into the world of silicones, with Rebain’s new representation of Indian manufacturer Elkay Silicones, aiming to explore opportunities not only in Spain but also in other markets worldwide. Her commitment to excellence and her dynamic approach to challenges will ensure she will be successful in marketing this range of products.

To further enrich her knowledge and expand her network, Jenny will be present at  EPCA 2023 event, to be held in Vienna this coming September. She is open to meeting new suppliers and customers alike, and you can contact her for making an appointment.

We would like to finish their presentation affirming that Jenny Lee is not only a great person but also she is a great colleague to have in our office. Her contributions continue to inspire those around her, making her a true asset to the Rebain team.

If you want to get in touch with her, find below her contact details:

Jenny Lee

Tel.: +34 936342154

Mobile: +34 606079425