Our Services

Import & export

Based on the Incoterms 2020 and thanks to our trusted carriers, we can deliver any product anywhere in the world.

We use the best means of transport to deliver with a shorter transit time at reasonable prices.

transport methods


Many our customers require to receive our products packed in drums, IBC’s and/or polycans.

As a chemicals distributor this is an important service we provide. We ensure that our products are being drummed properly and labelled as per law regulations on each product. With maintaining stock of our key products we are able to supply rapidly and be prepared for unexpected additional demand. Our aim is to provide a flexible service with high competitiveness.

With our warehousing capabilities, we provide our customers solutions for dealing with stock management. Together with our customers we are able to develop a customized warehousing plan to tackle the challenges with regards to chemicals storage & supply. We are a chemicals supplier that looks for a partnership in each business relationship.


Drumming & Labelling

Years of experience and long history within the chemicals industry led to strong relationships with well-known manufacturers in Europe & Asia.

We build up a wide network of producers all over the world. This extensive network gives us access to a great portfolio of chemicals in all kinds of fields. Furthermore, it helps us to provide solutions for customers who seek a new chemical product or an equivalent for their current used material. Our sales team speaks: French, Dutch, English, Spanish, German, Catalan, Portuguese and Chinese.

It is our aim to provide our customers with various options for their chemical needs.  

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Customer Service

Customer service is a main priority for us.

We will listen you and solve all your doubts before, during, and after the purchase so you  always have the best buying experience.

We will provide you with all the necessary documentation, samples when they are required, and updated information to assure that the delivery of your products is done smooth and safe.

Are You Ready To Build a New Project With Us?

Whether you are a provider of products and services, or you are looking for specific products, contact us and tell us your proposal or your needs. We promise to respond as soon as possible. We are looking forward to collaborate with you.