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We cooperate with several well-known manufacturers that stand for quality and support us with any technical issue. Some of them are represented officially by Rebain International (España) in specific regions of the world.

We also maintain strong and durable relationships with great logistics companies who help us to provide our customers with a great business experience.

Our Represented Companies


Arichemie is specialists in producing the right pigment preparations for specific requirements. They know that colours are more than just red, blue and yellow – they are a complex blend of processes, environment and chemistry.

The Arichemie range of pigment preparations doesn’t just reflect the characteristics of the pigments and a combination of additives – in their products you will also find a remarkable depth of knowledge and years of experience. Arichemie has been working in the field of colour technology since 1840. Their focus on the special field of pigment preparation development dates back to 1956.

Our Arichemie customers not only profit from this experience but also of our lateral thinking and focus. Through the Arichemie laboratories, we can effectively match high quality raw materials to your requirements in order to achieve the most efficient coloration cost possible. We can show you intelligent solutions to all of your coloration requirements.

​They manufacture aqueous and non-aqueous pigment preparations, organic and inorganic concentrates, tinting systems for:

You can know more about Arichemie in their website:

Healy Group Ireland

Healy Group is a global solutions-driven supplier of high-quality food ingredients, ingredient blends, raw materials, and nutraceuticals. We distribute their products from their sites in Ireland, the UK, China, and the Netherlands.

Specializing in a wide range of ingredients and unique blends, we work closely with them, our partners, and customers to deliver trusted quality, dedicated technical support, and innovative, bespoke solutions.

From allergen-free to nutritionally-enriched, low salt and sugar to clean label, their products are sourced with one philosophy in mind: Where your needs become our focus.

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hydratech logo
Hydratech UK

Since 1998 Hydratech has specialized in the formulation and manufacture of high-performance Heat Transfer Fluids, based on glycols, brines, alcohols, and refined vegetable extracts. Where required, bespoke formulations are often developed for unique applications.

Their products provide superior protection against corrosion, scaling, and biological fouling, developing a range of high-performance multi-metal and multi-function inhibitors, while their line of cleansing and conditioning products ensure stipulated levels of disinfection and sterilization.

By buying their products you will improve efficiency, save energy and minimize downtime thanks to their expert knowledge of the process and hydronic systems.

Hydratech has built up an enviable list of blue-chip clients and consultants, across many business and industry sectors. From chilling and freezing applications in dairies, breweries, and ice rinks, to refrigeration and chiller systems in stores, to HVAC and renewable energy systems, Hydratech’s products and services are industry proven to provide precise temperature control, improved efficiency, increased productivity, significant energy savings, and long-term protection against corrosion and freezing.

You can know more about Hydratech products on their website:

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Indis Group

Rebain International (España), S.L., is a proud member of the Indis Group, an organization of independent chemical distributors with more than 20 members worldwide.

We have access to a large resource of market information from various parts of the world, and we combine strengths and capabilities to provide unmatched global solutions for our customers in respective markets.

You can know more about Indis Group on their website:

Kao Corporation
Kao Corporation

The Kao Group develops consumer product business that targets general consumers.

Kao Group business segments that cater to the consumer include the Beauty Care Business in which they offer prestige cosmetics, and premium skincare and hair care products; the Human Health Care Business with products that include functional health beverages and feminine and baby care products; and the Fabric and Home Care Business, which includes laundry detergents and household cleaners. Also, in the Chemical Business they develop chemical products that meet the various needs of industry.

You can know more about Kao products in their website:


Setral has fifty years of experience developing and producing high-performance and special lubricants for the industry. They manufacture, among others, oils, greases, pastes, solid lubricants, and slip varnishes for any type of machinery.

The use of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, excellently trained staff, and a high-end production line make them a strong and innovative partner. In addition, its extensive portfolio of high-performance and specialty lubricants offers the answer to most questions in the field of lubrication technology.

Since 1997 Setral has had a quality management system under DIN EN ISO 9001. Along with many other measures in the field of quality.

For them, quality also means awareness of their commitment and responsibility to society, the environment, and, of course, with their partners and customers. Therefore, compliance is an integral part of our quality philosophy.

Know more about Setral on their website:

Völpker Spezialprodukte GmbH

Völpker Spezialprodukte GmbH is a medium-sized, family business with more than 100 years of production history and is internationally renowned as a manufacturer and supplier of specialty products.

The company has systematically developed into an internationally esteemed manufacturer and supplier of specialty products by continuously growing its know-how base and is currently represented in three different business segments on the market.

They do everything to improve and optimise the customers’ products and processes, designing special wax that are precisely tailored to their requirements. Thet have served as a reliable partner and developed individual solutions for many branches in recent decades.

Know more about Völpker on their website:

Global Chamber

Global Chamber is a global community around the world, focused on helping companies to grow a sustainable business through warm connections and virtual services using, among others, artificial intelligence (AI) across a deep and wide network of talented exporters, investors, leaders and global resources.

We are part of their community because they provide their members with trusted connections, training, and interesting information.

Know more about their services on their website:

Royal Web Logistics (Europe BV)

Royal Web Logistics is our reliable partner when our customer requires certains ports and have special requirements regarding their shipments. We highly appreciate their dedicated and personal contact between our companies that enable us to act flexibly in our logistic service.

They are an independent logistic organization that handles all kinds of cargo with tailor-made logistic solutions worldwide. The main force behind their company remains the support of the chemical, pharmaceutical, and electronic industries.

They ship reefer containers with pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicines, and also food items. Chemicals that require IMO (International Maritime Organization) classified temperature control are the regular business.
Their depth knowledge of how to transport hazardous and other cargo with special requirements in sea containers guarantees that your cargo sails smoothly, and safe so your products will arrive properly.

Know more about their logistics services on their website:

Panoramic Trading & Investment SL

Panoramic Rental was founded in 2017, and is a company that offers short-term tourist rentals, as well as advice on the purchase and sale of property.

Panoramic’s mission is to provide its customers with the best service and unforgettable experiences in their vacation homes that will make them come back again and again.

The website currently offers tourist rental facilities within Europe and Latin America, most properties are owned by Panoramic Rental, but they also offer rental services for home-owners, that like to leave this service in professional hands.

Learn more about Panoramic Rental, and visit their website and choose a stay in one of our houses.

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