Rebain International (España), S.L., launch new website!

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Rebain International (España), S.L., launch new website!


Coinciding this year with our 25th anniversary, we have launched a new website, completely renovated.

It has been completely redesigned to provide a user-friendly experience, with navigation and functionality.

What’s NEW on Rebain International (España) website?


As we provide a wide range of raw materials and chemicals, we have divided in different categories that will help you to find the product you are looking for, making it very visual and easy.


Our services are now easily explained and accessible from the home page. Here you will find information on the different services that we provide to our customers.

News & Events

A totally new section in which we share updates related to the international commerce, news, product information, as well as small interviews with our colleagues in which we show the most human side of Rebain members.

About Us

In this section, you will discover a small part of our history, from our beginnings to the present.


At Rebain we are very proud of our staff and now you can put a face to the people who are part of the team and know more about them.

Our Partners

You will find in this section the companies with which we cooperate the most and some of the manufacturers that we officially represent.

Contact Us

Finally, we have also renewed the contact section with the intention of making it accessible to both customers and suppliers. In it, you will find all our contact information and can send messages.

We hope that you enjoy this new website.