Annas Birani Internship Summary

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Annas Birani Internship Summary

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We had the please to have Mr Anass Birani from Lyon France, doing a practical training in our office the last two months!!! Although young unexperienced Anass was not afraid to pick up the phone to contact potential customers which he looked up on the internet and the various platforms in the chemical industry, he combined his work for Rebain together with our allied company Hydratech Iberia SL where he did simular work. His language skills and easy going manner with all the staff was noted, he is an excellent person to have around!!! We will continue our cooperation during the rest of his studies, and Anass is always welcome to come back to Barcelona in our office.

Tell us about yourself.

“Hi, my name is Anass Birani. I am a French student currently in my first year of a Higher National Diploma in International Trade at Lycée La Martinière Duchère in Lyon. I have a background in applied foreign languages from Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, where I studied English and Italian. I also hold a high school diploma with a focus on mathematics and biology. In addition to my academic pursuits, I have work experience in sales, material handling, and internships in the automotive industry.”

What motivated you to choose your studies?

“My motivation to pursue studies in international trade stems from my passion for languages and cultures. I believe that understanding different markets and how to navigate them is crucial in today’s globalized world. My previous experiences in language studies and my interest in international business drove me to choose this field.”

Which are your career goals?

“My career goals include working in a multinational company where I can utilize my language skills and knowledge of international trade to foster cross-border business relationships. I aim to specialize in market analysis and business development, eventually taking on leadership roles that allow me to contribute to the strategic growth of the company.”

How is doing your internship at Rebain International helping you?

“My internship at Rebain International España is providing me with practical experience in data management and client prospecting. It has given me the opportunity to apply my language skills in a professional setting and understand the intricacies of international business operations. This hands-on experience is invaluable in preparing me for my future career.”

What skills are you able to use during this internship?

“During this internship, I have utilized my skills in data management, communication, and languages. I have also reached out to potential clients in Africa, using my proficiency in French, English, and Arabic to establish and maintain business relationships.”

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How are you facing the challenges and obstacles you have encountered?

“I approach challenges and obstacles with a problem-solving mindset. At work, for example, when I encounter incorrect data in our database, I systematically verify and correct it. When reaching out to potential clients, I adapt my communication style to suit different cultural contexts, ensuring clarity and building trust. Flexibility and perseverance are key to overcoming these challenges.”

What has been the project or achievement you are most proud of and why?

” I’m proud to have enabled René to meet a potential customer in Gabon, but I’m also proud to have had the opportunity to work for Rebain and help the company grow internationally. It demonstrated my ability to manage data efficiently and communicate effectively across cultures, which are essential skills in international trade.”

What are your short- and long-term goals?

“My short-term goal is to complete my Higher National Diploma and gain more practical experience through internships. In the long term, I aspire to work in a strategic role within an international company, focusing on market analysis and business development. I aim to continuously improve my skills and contribute significantly to the company’s growth.”

What impact do you hope these internships will have on your specialization?

“I hope these internships will deepen my understanding of international trade practices and enhance my ability to analyze markets and develop business strategies. By gaining practical experience, I aim to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world applications, making me a more competent and competitive professional in the field.”

What advice would you give to someone who is studying and, in the future, will do an internship like yours?

“My advice is to embrace every opportunity to learn and grow. Be proactive in seeking out new experiences and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Develop strong communication skills and be adaptable to different cultural contexts. Remember that internships are a chance to apply what you’ve learned in school to real-world situations, so make the most of them.”

Is there anything I haven’t asked you about that you would like to share?

I would like to add that this internship has reinforced my belief in the importance of cultural awareness in international business. Building strong relationships with clients and colleagues from different backgrounds is crucial for success. I am grateful for this opportunity and excited about the future prospects it has opened up for me.

I’d like to thank René and the whole team at Rebain International, as well as the whole team at Hydratech Iberica, from the bottom of my heart, for making me feel so welcome. I felt at home from the very first day, and I’d also like to thank them for helping me to learn so much about the world of international business and the world of work in general.

I’ll never forget the experience I had here, Merci beaucoup.