Vinyl Acetate Monomer (VAM)

Vinyl acetate is an organic compound with the formula CH3CO2CH=CH2. This colorless liquid is the precursor to polyvinyl acetate, an important industrial polymer.

CAS nr: 108-05-4

Synonyms: 1-acetoxyethene / 1-acetoxyethylene / acetate de vinyle / acetic acid ethenyl ester / acetic acid vinyl ester / acetic acid, ethenyl ester / acetic acid, ethylene ester / acetoxyethene / acetoxyethylene / AVM / ethanoic acid, ethenyl ester / ethenyl acetate / ethenyl ethanoate / VA (=vinyl acetate) / VAC (=vinyl acetate) / VAM (=vinyl acetate) / vina / vinyl A monomer / vinyl acetate H.Q. / vinyl acetate monomer / Vinyl acetate, stabilized / vinyl ethanoate / vinylacetate HQ / vinylacetate, monomer / vinyle (acetate de) / VYAC / ZESET T


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